You are just a few clicks from starting your own internet radio station! Obtain a server and start your first internet radio broadcast within minutes! Your server will be installed and ready to use immediately!

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    A new application for iPhone devices has now been introduced. Your listeners can hear your radio wherever and whenever they want from their iPhone and iPad. Check it out!

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    Choosing a premium or reseller package for a year saves you money. With an annual billing plan, you save almost 20% as compared to a monthly plan for a year! It's like getting
    2 months of free service!

Listeners: 100 or Unlimited
The amount of listeners defines the total number of connections that can be created on your server.
Bitrate: 96kbps, 128kbps or 320kbps
The bitrate defines the quality of sound that your server is going to be able to stream. You can compare the qualities here.
AutoDJ: None, 10GB or
Unlimited GB
AutoDJ broadcasts signal to the radio station directly from the remote server. It can be used in cases where the radio station signal is not transmitted from your radio studio to radio server.
Server type: SHOUTcast V1, SHOUTcast V2 and Icecast V2
It's cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. The software allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or AAC format, to be broadcasted to and from media playing software, enabling the creation of Internet radio stations.
Server location: USA or Europe
For your comfort, all our dedicated servers work with 1 Gbps connection and are located in Europe & USA.
Billing cycle: Monthly or Annually
We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit/Prepaid card and bank transfer payments. You can pay in USD and EURO. Choose the most suitable option for you.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Your server will not stop working, regardless of how much transfer have been already used.
99.9% Uptime
All of our dedicated servers have high availability. It means, that they operate practically without interruption. The maximum monthly downtime is 43m 49.7s
Anti-DDoS protection
We are committed to protecting your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size.
Detailed Statistics
This statistics shows you information about your stream. Your server stores and displays information about your listeners and further categorizes them by their browser type, country or even a state. You can also preview your listener's location on Google Map in real-time.
You will get a unique web address where your listeners will be able to not only listen your radio, but also to view some useful information about your stream. Your listeners will also be able to listen your internet radio station on phones with Android and iOS anywhere in the world.
The scripts that you can embed on your website: Stream Status Summary, Stream Details, Recent Tracks, Google Maps Listener Map, On-demand Content, Song Requests, Tune In Listen Links.
Unlimited Mount Point
Mount points allow the user to create multiple streams within one SHOUTcast V2 or Icecast server.
Proxy Port 80 for listeners
This enables listeners to tune in to audio streams using TCP port 80 which may be useful for listeners who are behind restrictive firewalls that prevent access to the port numbers normally used by streaming servers.
Customer Support
Rapid support department, that will answer all your ticket or email questions within 24 hours. You can contact with us on live chat and by using free SMS.
Server Monitoring
Your server is being always monitored by our systems. In case of any failure your server will automatically launch again, without your interference.
Centova Cast Control Panel
This is world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel.
Instant Server Setup
Your server is going to be set up right after the payment. You do not need to undergo any activation process. Your profile is created and ready to use within a minute!

Get our Radio Player

iPhone Radio Player App

One Time

iPhone Radio Player App

One Time
  • Placed on AppStore
  • Display current Track Info
  • Browse Facebook, Twitter
  • Supports iOS 6.0 and higher

Android Radio Player App

One Time
  • Placed on Google Play
  • Display current Track Info
  • Browse Facebook, Twitter & Radio Station website
  • Supports Android 2.2 and higher

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